Crazy building

01272015 - Crazy Building

We signed up Ethan for drawing classes recently. Well, if there were math classes where they teach 6-year-olds how to do Algebra, I would definitely sign him up for those too. But I assume that someone is still working on those classes, and apparently drawing classes came pretty handy.

Ethan loves to draw! When he has a piece of paper, he will either write a math problem and solve it by himself or draw a picture. He often wants to show me a drawing when I am either too busy cooking or wrestling that third load of laundry. “Mommy, I have something for you…” “Wait! Ethan. ” Mommy! LOOK!” “OKOK! Just wait a second!” All these attempts to finish up my works will have to stop when I get to look at that picture. Filled with his creativity, imaginations and details, his pictures always get me unable to say anything except “ETHAN! WHAO!” Yes! This speechless and breathtaking.

He came home with this drawing from his first lesson. He called it “Crazy Building”. I would call it “What The Hack Were You Thinking, Ethan?” I had to frame it and put it in the middle of the living room. So when I’m feeling stressful over that puddle of spilled milk on the floor, I will look at this picture, get into his head, be crazy and have fun a little bit before I pick up the Swiffer.

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