Merry Christmas 2014

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This season of illness has totally won! I’ve been coughing since weeks ago, thanks to Maya who started it. And I hadn’t really had a good night sleep without coughing until last night. And now the whole universe won’t cough for 2015 because I’ve done all the coughing for it.

Then a few days ago, Ethan ran over to our room at 2am crying and before his father finished the whole question of “What happened, Ethan? Are you okay?” Ethan opened his mouth and shot a gallon of vomit across our gorgeous hard-wood floor and down duvet. Like a damn cannon. We jumped out of our bed right away making sure he was okay before I started to inspect the whole crime scene. I found some vomit footprints on the floor. And they only led me to another crime scene in Ethan’s room. He threw up in his room before he DID THE SAME THING IN OUR ROOM. Why two times? I don’t know. Why it had to be all over the beds? I don’t freaking know.

So we were up all night wiping the floor, changing the beds, doing loads of laundry. By the time I was able to go back to bed, it took me another hour to cough. That morning Ethan woke up at the same SIX O’CLOCK wanting all of us to be up too. When I was about to complain how inhuman he was considered what Matt and me had done just an hour or so ago, I realized one, he is a kid. Kids are not human beings. Two, he had no idea what had just happened! Like What? I puked all over the bedroom over the night? Nah! It’s not possible! You are just lying. GET UP NOW MOM! I WANT TO EAT!

And there it is. The harsh cruelties of life. Over and over again. I sincerely wish all of us a very healthy 2015.

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