Why we all love Halloween

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First of all, parents are skeptical about Halloween, because of all the works: costumes, makeup, get prepared for the cold and the rain and the dark and the walk, and the yelling over the crazy amount of candies in one’s mouth at any one given time, and eventually the fight about not-wanting-to-go-to-bed because of all the sugar.

I am kind of okay with Halloween because of all the FINISH YOUR DINNER OR WE DON’T GO TRICK-OR-TREATING! We’ve been doing this to Ethan and Maya for the past two weeks. And the success rate is way higher than chaining them in the garage or dangling their favorite toys over the toilet.

This year, Maya is a lion who have a hard time believing that she has a tail and doesn’t really know how to roar. And of course we have Ethan the boring Spiderman who looks more like he is ready to fry me some chickens.

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