Seven years ago…

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been suffering from severe allergy. To what? I have no idea! It starts every evening when I am about to wind down and enjoy the rest of the day. Sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, runny nose…It practically makes me unable to rest or sleep. Matt said it’s normal to start having allergy after moving to Vancouver for five or six years. Or I am just allergic to taking rest.

One sleepless night my friend and I were texting, mostly about our kids. Then she texted,

“Oh, it’s gonna be your anniversary soon! July!!! How many years now? 50?”

I was all BLINK…BLINK! BLINK!! How many years? It didn’t come to my mind right away, because it really felt like 50 years long. I just texted back without counting, “EIGHT YEARS MAN!!”

“That sends me a chill! Eight years!!! So you’ve passed the seven-year-itch…LOL…So lame.”

Now I realized Matt and I have been married for seven years. Yes, A BIG CHILL! But I think we’ve passed whatever ITCH it takes for a couple to pass.

Sometimes we can slip back into behaviors that we thought we’d overcome, but you know… low immune system, lack of sleep, etc, and next thing you know Matt is on the toilet with his iPad and I’m standing on the other side of the door, kids in a death grip around my neck, and all I want to tell him is THERE ARE NO LEISURELY POOPS IN PARENTHOOD.

There’s one thing I love about him though. Not the hour-long poops. No. GOD, NO. It’s his willingness to work on things. Over the past year, he’s shown how he steps up to be a great father although sometimes he has to be reminded to step up. But that’s because he knows I am a control freak and doesn’t want to mess up whatever system I have in place. Last time we were rushing out for a family dinner:

Me: Can you at least help change Maya?

Your father: I wanted to, but last time I changed her you got mad at me.

Me: Right. Because YOU DON’T KNOW HER STYLE.

Your father: You mean the style you have created for her in your brain?

Me: Yes! THAT ONE.

Through everything we’ve fought against and survived and lived through, I think that Matt works damn hard at this. He takes a look at himself and sees his role in whatever is going on between us, and tries to work on it. And I want to share with my kids that I never thought I would find that person for whom I would work this hard or who would do the same for me in return.

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