You 2012

We all dressed up for a wedding on Sunday. And I am so not going to talk about how Ethan interrupted the speeches, and all I could hear while the best man was talking on stage was Ethan’s yelling, “STOP SAYING THAT!” And I think Maya just sneaked back home after a long night partying? Cause I hadn’t seen her since we got to the wedding! I hope the hangover is not killing her.

I took the chance to capture the well groomed of my kids. Because one, their clothes get stains CONSTANTLY, and they always look like a mess. And two, they both are truly beautiful.

I think this is the fun part about being a parent – to dress your little ones HOWEVER YOU WANT, then to showcase to the public. No denial, all parents do that!

And the sad part. They will grow old enough to identify what they think is cool – a pair of eagle wings tattooed on the back. Or a Justin Biebers tube top.

Credit to Matt who provided great help along the photo session. Feeding them each 4000 candies. Threatened to take out Woody. Dangling Thomas over the toilet. And most of time, yelling. This job is so damn hard.

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