Our retirement plan

Matt and I came back from San Diego last week. And I know Matt is going to tell Ethan about the 600 golf courses that he went to every day, plus the other 600 golf courses that he wishes he could go. And I couldn’t wait to tell him some other NOT BORING things.

Like the beaches that have no ends, no clouds, and no lumps in the sand.


And this young and cool-looking father taking his kids to surf.


And all other fearless surfers. HOT!


And a bunch of US Navy training along the beach. TOPLESS. SWEAT!


We broke the law again.


Bumped into this quirky taco shop and had the best taco and burrito EVER. And I don’t even really like burrito.

photo (1)

And, oh, the 38 years old of us already thinking about retiring here.

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