The creepy part of my kids’ lives

06202011 - The creepy part of your lives

The weather has been cooperative lately, and last Saturday afternoon we could spend some time enjoying the sun at our backyard.

Maya was napping in her room, which usually doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes. I took the baby monitor with me in the backyard, lied on the sun chair DOING NOTHING. Because I knew 20 minutes was all I could get! Matt was practicing putting. Well, of course, what else does he do, except golfing? And Ethan, if I could describe what he was doing, I would say he was blowing bubbles to one specific ant, except he couldn’t because all along HE WAS AIMING A FLY!

Everything went peacefully. No sound from the baby monitor yet. I was lounging on the sun chair hoping it could last long enough. Believe me, watching my son being this quiet and focused for more than five minutes just trying to trap that ant-like fly into a bubble is unbelievably unreal! Like a raging bull is all calm chatting with a bunny.

After a while, he started to mumble which I thought was his singing. Then his father looked away from his club for the first time sine he picked it up and asked, “You heard anything from the monitor?”

Me: No

He: Ethan just said “Maya is crying.”

Me: But nothing from the monitor! It’s impossible to hear her crying from here.

I rushed into the house, not to check if she was really crying, except SHE WAS REALLY CRYING, but to make sure if her brother was really able to SENSE that. Because that’s the only way I could explain something I might have only seen in a movie.

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