Glorious evolution

12072010 - Glourious Evolution

In general, Maya is pretty predictable.

The routine is: In every two hours, I change her diaper before I feed her. Usually I will be very excited because I know I will win a lottery if there is one single dirty diaper without poop. Then I burp her thoroughly for around 20 minutes, cause any gas in her stomach will trigger an explosion flaming out from her vocal cord and burn her crib. Then she starts grunting and shooting firecrackers out of her ass. And after all these, it’s about time to start the cycle AGAIN.

Because of this non-stop cycle, in less than two months, she’s already OVER 10 POUNDS! When the doctor told me her weight, I was all, “10 pounds? Ten as in the one that comes after nine?”

Besides her weight, her height and the circumference of her head are also in the 95th percentile, meaning her growth is way over 95% of all other babies her age. And this makes me very proud. Ever since we’ve started dealing with her brother’s eating issue, we’d never thought she would be any easier. And we were planning to build a stronger wall around our house to avoid it being collapsed after our frequent head banging.

Now, we are thinking maybe we should start feeding her what her brother doesn’t eat. Cause this little frog has become a crocodile.

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