Grandma…the real nuts

082910---Grandma... the real nut

Here introduces Matt’s mother, Mavis, another nuts in the family.

Her proudest life accomplishment is probably that she has countless ANYTHING in her house. You may not be able to see it, but just name it, and she’s able to dig it out from nowhere NO MATTER WHAT! I always wonder if I would be like her someday. That’s what moms do, collect anything in case your children need it after 20 years.

That’s definitely one of the reasons Ethan loves to hang around at her house so much because he loves being surrounded by hazards.

One thing that Ethan has to remember about her is that she’s probably the only person in the planet who lets him play with her bra when SHE’S WEARING IT! As much as I find it inappropriate, I just love her for that.

I’ve been trying so hard to teach Ethan to say “Happy Birthday” for her big day today. And what he could up with so far was “Abby Day”!

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