Summer Road Trip

This summer we decided to take the kids on a road trip to Southern California to see the beach and visit Disneyland. I don’t even remember how we came up with this idea. But I did remember clearly that we swore that we would never take our kids to Disneyland before they were old enough to ask. But yes, Disneyland and a road trip. An over 2,000km road trip. I know. Just hold on one second. Somehow the world ended and no one took the time to tell you about it. Fine. WE WENT ON A ROAD TRIP. WITH THE KIDS. AND WE SURVIVED IT. AND WE ENJOYED IT.

Here is the itinerary of our 2-week trip in case any of you want to kill yourself, or kill your kids first before yourself.

Day 1: Portland

We went straight to OMSI without even trying to breathe in how beautiful Portland was, because the two kids at the back of our car were trapped for 6 hours and they couldn’t take it anymore. Plus our Science World family membership allows us to go there free! FREEEEEE!

IMG_2208 IMG_2209

Before heading to our booked Airbnb, we had dinner in downtown Portland. We thought the idea of food trucks would be fun for the kids, except they didn’t like anything there out of the hundreds of food carts! I made them eat one bite of the chicken gyro before they were allowed to touch that damn strawberry smoothie!

Day 2: Oregon Coast

We started driving along Oregon Coast. And oh my, serene ocean, dove-white sand and blue blue sky! Oregon Coast simply never ends.

IMG_2261 IMG_2218 IMG_2225 IMG_2057

Ewwww…chessy selfie! I know… But look at that gorgeous coastline! We couldn’t help!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

That night we stayed at a motel that my husband booked before the trip. I have no idea why he chose that one, but my interpretation of that motel is where a wanted drug dealer would pick to hide from being caught. Oh I didn’t even want to think about when was the last time the bed sheets were washed! NO NEED TO BOOK A MOTEL ROOM! You drive by, take a look inside, if you feel like a drug dealer is staying there, you go and look for another one!

Day 3: Bandon, Crescent City, Eureka, Avenue of the Giants

Next morning, I woke up, wait, did I say I woke up? Did I ever sleep? Did I spend the whole night worrying about some serial killer might sneak in our room and kill us all? And what about the bed bugs? How many of them?


We drove to Bandon for breakfast before we hit the coast again.

IMG_1271 IMG_2271IMG_1279IMG_2275

Next we drove to Old Town Eureka, and were totally impressed by its best preserved Victorian homes.

IMG_1288 IMG_2063

IMG_2078 IMG_2075

IMG_2071 IMG_2066

Before heading to San Francisco, we stopped by the Avenue of the Giant. It’s by far the most outstanding display of tress I’ve ever seen. A true majestic sanctuary of trees! Many of them are fallen, providing a natural playground for the kids.

IMG_2091 IMG_1304 IMG_2111

Day 4: San Francisco

We checked out from our hotel and headed to Children Creativity Museum.

imag0375 img_2307

img_2317 img_2321

If I knew Pier 39 was this crowded, I would suggest not to go. Phew!

imag0413 imag0405 14184453_10153774577730911_148177289154073129_n

Same as Lombard Street. Phew! People…

img_2163 img_2347


We was disappointed that we couldn’t visit Alcatraz as it was fully booked months ago. This was the best we could do.


Of course Chinatown was busy too. It took us forever to find a parking which was 20-minute walk away from the restaurant that we planned to go. But we didn’t regret it.

img_2177 img_2354

Day 5: California Coast, Monterey

As a passionate golfer, Matt had to visit Pebble Beach Golf Course and at least leave his footprints on the 18th.


IMG_1325 IMG_1348

Finally we arrived Pasadena before dinner time. After days of fast food, I couldn’t even look at a burger at all! And we craved our food – Asian food! This one was supposed to be really good according to Yelp. And OH.MY.GOD. Turned out we came here again before we left Pasadena.

img_2496 img_0385

Day 6 – 8: Disneyland

We woke up really early planning to avoid standing in lines at Disneyland, except waiting in line is inevitable in Disneyland. And that’s why I have been so reluctant and intimated by the prospect of going to any theme park. There are waiting and walking and sweating and more waiting and then more waiting. As adults we understand that waiting in line for a fun ride is pretty low on the level of devastating circumstances. But kids? Waiting for ANYTHING is worse than dying in a shark attack.

Much to my surprise, however, something magical occurred. Ethan and Maya, having never been to a theme park, had no idea how any of it worked. So when we had to wait in line, they were like, Okay. This is how it goes! WE WAIT! Except they wouldn’t stop draping their bodies on the rails, floors, flower beds, even strangers because of their tiredness and impatience.

img_0331 img_2209

img_0327 img_2344 img_2365 img_2406 img_2426

Sure, the kids did their fair share of complaining, but at Disneyland you don’t have to walk two feet before you bump into another distraction. For Ethan, Haunted Mansion? Yes. Picture with Mickey Mouse? NO!!!

img_2462 img_2480

You’d never guess the first thing Maya said to Minnie was, “Hi, I’m wearing a Minnie Mouse underwear today!”

img_2452 img_2496

img_0366 img_2500

img_2250 img_2263

img_2390-2 img_2373


We spent three days at Disneyland waiting and walking. I think we’d waited for all the waits that we need to do for the rest of our lives. But when we’d finally get to the front of the line the kids would lose their mind with anticipation. The sound of their chuckling would not ever stop. Their whole bodies rejoiced in that laugh, again and again! They’d completely forget about the 45-minute wait before that. And the next morning I’d wake them up and whisper in their ears, “Who wants to go to Disneyland?” They would popped their eyes open, sat straight up and raised their hand. Just so ready for another day of walking and waiting and walking and waiting and walking and waiting…

Day 9 – 13: San Diego

We headed to San Diego, the last stop of our trip. Just a few theme parks and some more beaches…

After Disneyland, the kids were totally underwhelmed by Legoland. I was the one who felt a little upbeat about Legoland because of the shorter lines and smaller crowd.


img_2734 img_2733

img_2524 img_2558

img_2687 img_2593-2 img_2543 img_2585

I was told to try the apple fried there. And OH.MY.GOD. I licked all the whipped cream and cinnamon sugar!

img_2599 img_2570

We visited San Diego Zoo the next day. I wish I could explain to my kids why there are only animals but no rides at the zoo?

img_2914 img_2610 img_2613img_2871 img_2854 img_2899

This pink flamingos scene though… I am going to frame it.


Seaworld, one more theme park to go! I know. 6 days 4 theme parks = Exhausting! But I married a guy who doesn’t spend a cent for nothing. And so we had to make the best use of the CityPASS we bought.

img_2699img_2976 img_2964 img_2948 img_2944

Thank God! A playground with rides…

img_2923img_2926img_2669 img_2694

You might not guess what they are serving. Not wrestling belts… But da best taco.


We couldn’t miss In & Out when we came to the kingdom of fast food.

img_0413 img_2709

The best part of the day for me was to come back to Lakehouse Hotel and Resort, where we stayed in San Diego.


After a whole day of waiting, walking and sweating and more waiting and even more walking and a bit more sweating and damn it more waiting at a theme park, they are just soooooo ready for more splashing!!! What are kids made of?!


I told my kids, ‘Breaking routines is the best part of travelling.’ They stayed up late every night, ate too much fast food, watched too much TV, went on too many rides, stayed too long in the pool…Just PLAAAAAAYYYYY like there is no tomorrow! That night they’re even allowed to touch my phone! Instead of downloading games, they decided to take a selfie with my favorite hotel in background. And that ended our vacation!


Vacationing with small kids is not a vacation. It is for the kids, and that’s what you sign up for as a parent. You give them all the fun and all the memories while doing quite possibly twice amount of work you would be doing if you had just stayed home. And as odd as it sounds, there is an immense amount of satisfaction and pleasure in that, in the fact that you busted your ass so that on the ride home all they can talk about is how much fun they had, how they wish they didn’t have to leave, and aren’t you proud they rode that roller coaster all by themselves.

I will always remember those couple mornings when I had to drag my body out of the bed really early for Disneyland, and I told myself, ‘Okay, I can sleep sometime in the future. Swallow that frustration. Right now my job is to create memories, and I WILL CREATE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM.’

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