The glory of the geeky father

09112014 - The glory of your geeky fatherIMG_0355

Today is Matt’s 40th birthday. He has to work today, but if he didn’t I would make him eggs and bacon all day long and let him talk about golf without interruption.

I am so grateful for the relationship I have forged in with him who loves me despite all my many glaring flaws. He makes me feel safe, and I don’t have to worry about being ignorant of something he considers “life skills” that I refuse to learn or pay attention to, like how to manoeuvre a 700-button remote control or upgrade Java on my computer. He’s always behind my back, ready to walk his six-foot blaze of geek glory into the line of fire to make things safe for me.09112014 - The glory of your geeky father

He’s got his golf time, a family who loves him and this gigantic drawing. I think he’s pretty much set.


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