Eight years passed

07152014 - Eight Years Passed

We got married today eight years ago. Sooner or later, he is going to share with our kids one of my most annoying shortcomings that has never been overcome – my inability to deal with systems that have anything to do with directions.

Last week I had to go to downtown by Skytrain. Last time I took public transit, it was years ago when I was working in downtown. Every day I had to go on the same route to and fro, because I was scared to be taken somewhere else if I didn’t. What if I missed a stop and then out of a sudden I landed in Minnesota! In order to make sure I wouldn’t go to Minnesota, Matt had to check the Skytrain station map in advance and brief me thoroughly, like which station to transfer, which platform I should go. If I don’t normally walk faster than he does, he would basically need to count how many steps I would need to take from one spot to another, just to be extra safe. Nobody wanted to go to Minnesota.

After I successfully arrived downtown, I texted him that I was there, except it was a little late because I took the wrong route. And of course it gave him a chance to complain about my inability to manoeuvre the highly complex and intricate public transit system when just days ago he searched for his missing cell phone for the whole afternoon only to find it on the couch where it was supposed to be. Let’s recount how that episode played out:

He looks for his missing cell phone all over the house before he decides to drive back to the store where he visits that morning. Having no luck at the store, he tries to call his cell again. I picked up the phone and told him, “I didn’t find the phone, your son did! Because if I had found it I would have made a point of telling you that YOUR WIFE, THE ONE WHO HAS TO REMIND YOU WHAT’S FOR DINNER WHEN YOU ARE JUST TOLD TEN SECONDS AGO, found your cell.”

Here we’ve just participated in the most stereotypical married-couple fight in history. And my kids may start to go back to their rooms only to find their eyes are going to get stuck in the back of their heads.

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