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2014 is just halfway through, and I couldn’t help but posted these pictures. Because they totally represent Ethan and Maya’s relationship over the past months. When I talked to other moms about how they both transitioned from fighting every minute to hanging together for hours peacefully, some of them with older kids tried to calm my excitement, and implied to me that this would say something very different in ten years when one kid steals the other’s phone and loses it. Or leave the other one to replace the toilet paper in the bathroom, or one of them hums that one song the other one hates and refuses to stop.

The other day in the middle of their playing, they ran over to me on the couch. Maya brought her fists in front of Ethan and asked Ethan to guess which hand she had a toy in. Except the toy was so big that she couldn’t fully wrap her hand around it and half of it was visible. I had to bury my mouth in a blanket to muffle my laughter. And she immediately whipped her head in my direction with a look on her face that suggested I was ruining her trick and could I please die slowly.

Ethan, you glanced knowingly at me and pointed at the hand holding the toy.

“UGGGGHHHHH! PICK AGAIN!” Maya grunted and shouted.

Ethan blinked several times as if he couldn’t believe that he shared this kid’s DNA and touched the hand holding the toy.



Unable to comprehend why this was happening to her, Maya threw the toy three feet away and then started screaming angrily, “you keep picking that hand! You just keep picking it and picking it and picking it”

I couldn’t handle it any longer and started cackling. At one point, Ethan and I locked eyes for a very brief yet special moment. I could tell that he was so happy that I was there to witness this with him. The accidental hilarity that is his three-year-old sister.

Whatever happens in ten years, I will just enjoy what it is now. And this is the two of them side by side every day to create something magical.

IMG_8337IMG_8345 IMG_8352IMG_8370 IMG_8375IMG_8422 IMG_8426IMG_8446_web

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