Heart breaker

02042013 - Heart Breaker

How do I describe Maya’s progress on learning to count?

At her age, her brother loves to say 19 when he’s asked about his age. Maya’s favorite is three.

When she’s asked to count, she will points at the items one by one and go ONE, TWO, THREE. If there is a forth item, she will act like she loses control on driving, and starts to accelerate so fast without fear of breaking the law. She will go FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! NINE! TEN! Where is Eight? ┬áIt never exists. Then she will start to spin her body with her head tilted backward like, Oh! The whole counting thing is really stressful.

Any numbers before three are able to survive. We ask her how many eyes does she have? She will count one, TWO. How many fingers? One, two, three……THREE! How many cookies do you want? THREE!

I ask her how much she loves love me? THREEEEEEEEE!

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