I didn’t expect the reunion with my side of family would get me into this – DIY Christmas cards MADE FROM SCRATCH. For all 6,000 members of my family.

The reason why I had this idea to make something by hands is one, my kids are old enough to start being productive instead of just making mess and being annoying all day long. Two, I wanted to let their father know that although my left brain deficiency will not allow me to help with their math or science at school, I can guarantee you all of their art pieces will be selected for MOMA. I have my talent too! And three, I’d better do it now. Because tomorrow my kids may ask, “A card? By mail? Why don’t you just text everyone?”


The whole process took more DAYS than I expected, because very early into the process Ethan became so out of control that he was not interested into making cards anymore, but making mess. And in our house we only have a winner of making mess, and a winner of hating mess. So when Maya put her brush that just touched the green paint into the red paint, her brother totally lost it and started throwing his brush and punching the table. I’m glad that I was fast enough to hide the scissors. That’s when I had to stop everything and think about doing it the next day or the next decade.

Those photos that I see with mother and kid doing fun project together happily? So overrated. (By the way, I came across this for ideas.)

Yesterday I initiated to finish our marathon project. I said, “Ethan, want to continue our project?”

“What project?”

“Christmas cards to grandma?”

He had been too busy running and kicking around in the house that he didn’t pay much attention, until he heard me say CHRISTMAS, and his heart stopped beating, “Christmas? Is Christmas coming? Yeah! Let’s make some Christmas cards!”

What did he think we were doing all these days? Stuffing a turkey?

IMG_3813IMG_0063 IMG_3962IMG_3964

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