Last Saturday, we threw a family birthday party to Ethan and Maya. Why was it so late? Because their cousin Pheona needed to go on a vacation, so her then-boyfriend would be able to propose to her as a surprise. Her dream since she’s born finally came true. Big congratulations!

Now it’s impossible for her to forget my kids’ birthdays. And every year when it comes to celebrate her engagement, she will have to run over to Toys “R” Us.

As usual we had a crazy cake that will make my kids’s friends jealous, thanks to their mother. And toys with annoying music that I will hum along at work, millions of accessories that we will step into around the house all the time, tons of packaging that took their father almost hours to cut and flatten to recycle, and an age inappropriate Lego set that almost got Matt to commit suicide, thanks to all of our irresponsible family members.


This year we added Texa, a pinata that Ethan and I had built together for a month. Our very first craft project. A sheep that he gave a name to. Did I not ENVISION this coming? Doing craft together? Being a “Mommy Blogger”? Well, I think I did. Except the only part that I could assign him to do was applying glue. Because he was only trying to kill Texa every second before she’s even born.


They had no idea about the candy part until the party, which was supposed to be a surprise. Considered that Ethan and Maya had collected gallons of candies over Halloween, this approach of us was totally insane as a parent. And this happend yesterday when we were sorting out the candies.

Me: Now you have three candies, and I take one from you. How many do you have?

You: (counted a little) I have TWO!

Me: What about you have 10 candies, and Maya takes seven from you?

You: (your eyeballs was going to drop). Seven is too many. SHE’S BAD!

Good math.

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