Yeehaw, Giddyup!

09102012 - Yeehaw, Giddyup!

One of the many neglected toys that has recently regained Ethan’s attention is the Talking Woody Action Figure, solely because he figured out her sister is scared of the fact that the doll will talk after he pulls the string.

I can’t even remember how many time Maya ran over to me screaming and SHAKING while her evil brother was sitting on the couch doing nothing but non-stop pulling the string.

At some point, I thought Maya would be completely traumatized that anything related to Woody would have to disappear in the house. So when she was given this sombrero, and she asked to wear it all the time, I knew that she was ready for a revenge. How about shattering all the three completed puzzle sets that Ethan placed on the floor in parallel?

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