Uncle Brian

06062012 - Uncle Brian

Maya’s mischievousness has been quadrupled recently. One of the many reasons is because she loves to hang out with Uncle Brian. She’s learned to stick out her tongue from him.

The only explanation why Brian married Matt’s elder sister Karin and joined this crazy family is FOOD! His love for Chinese food and dessert overrides his complains over everything unbearable of this family, and most importantly HE ACCEPTED IT. Like how Karin’s mother talks to him as if she doesn’t believe the fact that sound travels through air, and can’t fathom that someone inches away from her can hear her unless she is SCREAMING.

He might find himself trapped in this family, but we all love him. Not only my kids, even my mother, who rarely meets foreigners, kept asking me why I didn’t marry a white guy after she met him. She hadn’t even talked to him at all.

Today is his 600 years old birthday. We are happy to have him in this family filled with people with big appetites, loud voice and enormous mischievousness.

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