The roadtrip

Because it is the first time for my mother and her sister to come to North America, and we figured that nothing would be more Canadian than taking a roadtrip. So we decided to drive ten hours from Vancouver, BC to Banff, AB. TAKING TWO KIDS.

Normally I would have started to come up with lots of worries that would keep us from even thinking about the word ROADTRIP again for the next ten years. But when Matt suggested this, I was all causal and relaxed – my mom came here to spend time with her grandchildren, now they at least have ten full hours!

I am not going to complain about how Ethan and Maya screamed all along the road that we had to struggle leaving them both away at every gas station stop. Instead I am going to tell you how much fun we had over this epic roadtrip.

Like…whenever Ethan had a banana in his hand, he would mechanically raise his voice and utter, “O Canada. Our home and native land…” Every time we had to decide if we should stop the car and salute to him.

Like…all Chinese moms are insane. And mine insisted to take a rice cooker along. She thought it took the same effort for Matt to drive as a construction worker to operate a jackhammer to drill concrete pavement. “How the hell would he be able to regain the energy without bowls of rice?” she asked when I was too busy rolling my eyes. But OH THANK YOU MOM! The first night at the motel, before Matt and me finished unloading, the DINNER was ready – a big pot of steamy rice with mushroom, Chinese sausage and pork ribs. I bet the Aussie next room had a hard time controlling himself not to knock our door demanding to only smell it.

Like…although the weather wasn’t cooperative that we were not able to see the magnificent view of the famous Lake Louise, we still got to capture some breathtaking landscape. Except every time my aunt woke up from nap, she had a hard time telling the difference from what she had seen before. All she was able to recognize was SNOW and MOUNTAIN and TREE. I’m glad that Ethan was awake most of the time making noise and demanding to listen to the same song. Already a wonderful entertainment for my aunt.

IMG_8562 IMG_8556CameraAwesomePhoto1

Like…how this picture reminds me of the very first trip that my mom took me along when I was a kid. All the memories.


Like…the first time Maya put on her rainboots, she went crazy stomping in puddles and kicking snow. The joy on her face made her become one superstar that cheered up everyone around her, including that group of tourists who found her so adorable that they fought to take pictures of her.


Like…I knew that Maya would have a hard time falling asleep in the new environment. However, I didn’t expect her would become all calm and mellow when I lied her down next to me, and soothe herself to sleep right away. The next morning she woke up before me, she gently touched my face with her hand and pressed her face to mine to see if I was awake. Not a sound. Oh my god, how much did I miss that?


Like…on the way home, Ethan asked, “Are we going to Banff now?”

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