Thank you, Walmart, for finding my baby

02032012 - Thank you Walmart for finding my baby

Last October, we returned from Hong Kong with these gorgeous family photos taken by Kester. We couldn’t wait and wanted to frame and display all of them on the wall in our dinning room among other family pictures. Eventually I scratched my head to bleed to shortlist some of them, placed an online order with the 1-hour photo centre at the closest Walmart. Then I did nothing but looked at the clock wondering why an hour took so long to pass.

So, you know how I would react when I was told that the photos weren’t ready when I came down to Walmart – I threatened the staff to scratch his head to bleed. The store was under renovation that the photo printer was yet installed properly. The staff would give me a call when the photos were ready. I hadn’t never received the call. So I decided to go for another Walmart.

Two days later, the first Walmart called and left me a message that the photos were ready. I didn’t pay much attention and completely forgot about it because I hadn’t already gone for another Walmart.

He called again few days ago three months later. Apparently he was panic about the possibility that I might have died. Otherwise, why would I just dump these beautiful pictures? So, at the photo centre counter, I took out the photos from the envelope, seeing this one inches from my face. And OH MY GOD how much have you grown for the past three months. Too much that I feel ashamed that if it’s not for Walmart, I wouldn’t even realize.

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