Sick kitten

01052912 - Sick kitten

This week Maya came down with the stomach flu, thanks to me who caught this disease earlier, and were too busy throwing up and pooping but unforgivably neglected the possibility of spreading the virus, and kept kissing her all the time. Because THIS IS IRRESISTIBLE.

Over the past few days, the time her father and I spent on planning tricks to get her to eat was way longer than she actually ate, because she barely did. Even though she did eat, she was not able to keep down anything. We took turns to bath her, change her, wipe the floor and load laundry. We didn’t realize it’s important to teach your 14-month-old to vomit in the toilet, not on the carpet.

Matt wanted to kill himself over my constant nagging feeling of guilt and worry. Until today Maya had two Oreos. Joyously and blissfully. It was days since last time I saw that unfettered elation shown on her face. And it felt so good, like she had eaten what she has to for the next ten years.

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