To his rock star mom

05072011 - To your rock star mom

No doubt Ethan loves to read. Sometimes I’d rather reading him that Elmo book 400 times a day than letting him watch that damn show all day long. So we bought him many books from his favorite shows: Sesame Street, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Cars. And because he reads them all the time, he can memorize the content page by page without understanding it.

His recent favorite book is “Heavy Metal Mater” – one of the truck characters in “Cars” who used to be in a heavy metal band. He is always holding the book pointing at that truck saying “heavy metal mater! A big rock star!”

The other day on the way home from daycare, Matt was teaching Ethan to say Happy Mother’s Day as he had made me a card. Once he got home, he ran to me and gave me that card, Matt asked him if he had anything to say to me. He pondered a little before he loudly uttered HEAVY METAL’S DAY.

I didn’t realize being a heavy metal star was as glorious as being a mother. Now I know.

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