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There were a few times that I was asked if Maya was a boy or girl at the grocery store. Sometimes people just assumed she’s “a cute little boy”. Usually I wouldn’t find it annoying as most of the new-borns aren’t easily identified as boys or girls. But one time it happened when she was dressed head to toe in pink, and the other time I referred her as “she” and “her” during the whole conversation. I’ve started to think either she really looks like a boy, or people are just profoundly dumb.

I have never tried to make my way to make Maya look super girly, because we both know that she’s a girl. That’s good enough. And how fun it is to watch strangers agonize as they try to figure out her gender. Imagine a profoundly dumb person comes over and says, ” Oh, very cute. How old is your baby?” Normally, if I’m nice, I would say, “SHE is two months old.” But I’m a wicked person who enjoys watching embarrassed dumb people feeling panic as they ponder the complexity of sexual identity. I would just say, “MY BABY is two months old.”

To make the whole situation more interesting, sometimes we dress her with her brother’s old clothes, because one, we are GREEN. Two, we are too cheap to keep buying her new clothes as she are growing too fast. In just over two months, she’s already outgrown her 0-3 month clothing. The other day when I was organizing her closet and putting them in storage, my heart broke just thinking about how much money her father and I will be spending on clothes in the next 18 years.

I’ve seen mothers trying very hard to tell the world that their baby is a girl. They dress their baby with layers of lace or a net of sequins or a big flower headband on their head. Seriously, I don’t really understand this specific accessory. And I would rather leave Maya naked than put a huge flower on her bald head. Really, what is it doing there except making your baby look like a pin cushion?

I would rather her be a chill-out MC Maya.

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