Our neighbor’s baby who’s few months younger than Ethan is way over walking now. He is TRYING TO RUN! And it brought to my attention that Ethan’s persistence of being on his four has started to get the whole family super itchy.

He does stand up and take a few steps sometimes as long as he holds onto something. But when he travels from one place to another without anything besides oxygen, he will go down on the floor and start crawling. We’ve been trying to convince him that no earthquake will happen when he lets his hands go free. But he’s been pretty stubborn until one afternoon a couple days ago. He was standing up in front of the television and hand-banging the screen. That television is the last thing in this house that is allowed to be destroyed. So I said “No, Ethan!”, and he LET GO OF BOTH OF HIS HANDS FROM THE TELEVISION and turned his head to look at me. There he was standing with his body surrounded by pure air for FIVE SECONDS which I thought was 5 million years! Then I yelled out to his father, “Hey, all along we thought our child was born a reptile, I think he is starting to transform now!”

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