Thank you for that one

09202009 -Thank you for that one

This morning Ethan woke up at 6am. After feeding him, I put him back to my bed with me because if I didn’t get to sleep for another 15 or 30 minutes, he’d be on his own feeding himself and changing his diapers for the whole day.

He was playing on his own by pulling my hair and crawling all over my body while I had my eyes closed trying to do “awake sleep”. Then he suddenly stopped. I felt his face very close to mine, and HE PRESSED HIS LIPS ONTO MY LIPS! Oh, that’s the moment! That’s the moment so intimate that it could cease wars! I opened my eyes right away seeing him drooling all over my face, but I let him shove his mouth onto it as long as he wanted.

I know that there aren’t too many moments like that in life. And I am grateful for that!

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