Ethan (7 months)

Dear Ethan,

You turned 7 months old today.


Can somebody help me to stop you sucking your fingers? You suck 4 fingers all at once. Sometimes you suck it so hard that you almost choke yourself. Ethan, please tell me does it taste really good? You even hurt your fingers with your sharp little teeth, you know?! There are teething toys that can really help sooth your teething discomfort. Why on earth you still prefer you fingers? Oh, you really frustrate me!

You drool like you can water all our flower pots at the back yard. Did you drink too much liquid that made you produce so much saliva? How much more are you going to drool? Maybe we can start save some just in case we are short of water at home! I think you’ve finally figured out what to do with all that overflowing drool because this month you learned how to blow bubbles. You love doing it so much that you do it when you are eating or sucking a soother. Yes, even when you are eating, can you imagine what a mess you are making?!


This month you progressed to eat a variety of solid food. I wonder why it’s called solid as these mushy food are not even slightly hard! When you were still in my tummy, I was so looking forward to cook for you. I can’t wait to pack your little lunch box to school. Your daddy’s co-workers are always jealous of his gourmet lunch box that I prepare for him. I hope you’d be proud of your mom’s home cooking too. You started eating rice cereal when you were at 4 months. You enjoyed it so much probably because you love sweet! At 6 months, I started making you puree fruit. You seemed pretty contented until I gave you sweet potato. Your funny face told me you didn’t like it, but you ate it anyway to please me. Probably I didn’t puree it enough that it’s kinda hard to digest, you didn’t poop for 4 days. These 4 freaking days were such a torture to me. I kept checking your diaper anytime I smelled something to see if you did go. And my heart sank when I saw nothing. You can never imagine how obsessed I was with your poop! Prune juice didn’t work right away. When I was struggling if I should take doctor’s advice to insert “jelly-bomber” into your little butt, you finally did it. Oh, I knew it! I knew you didn’t want to be treated that way!

Totally traumatized, I promised myself I will never give you sweet potato. If you really want to eat it, be sure you chew it until your jaw is tired before you swallow it.

Now, you are eating congee. Your little tongue really knows how to pick food. You love your congee cooked in the way your grandma taught me, which is flavoured with beef juice, vegetable and fish! Yes, at 6 months, you are already eating like a king. And you never have enough. Your tiny mouth just keeps opening after each spoonful. Aren’t you full yet?!

This month, you are more sensitive to unfamiliar faces. You were frightened when you saw someone out there walking across our back yard. You were panic when you met family members on weekly family dinners. I’m sure you are still adjusting your memory. You will soon realize that grandpa, grandma, aunts and cousins are not strangers. They all love you so much like mom and dad do. Oh, and how can I not mention Koby?! I’m sure you guys will be good buddies. But you know what, even now, Koby is still such a chicken little dog that he’s still too anxious to get close to you.

Speaking of your grandpa and grandma, they are the ones that enjoy holding you ALL DAY LONG. In case you have no idea how tiring it is, you can try to carry the ottoman in the dinning room for a full day. Your grandpa just never lets go of you even when you are asleep. We always tease how your grandma drips when she’s feeding you in her arms and gossiping around at the same time.


Being a mom seems to be a new trend around Hollywood these days. Pictures of star moms with their expensively dressed babies are everywhere on internet and magazines. One thing I found really inspiring though is how they carry their babies when at the same time they have a cup of Starbucks coffee and maybe a LV handbag with another hand. Last week, I showed your dad how to carry you in a Gwen Stefani way. His awkward attempt really proved he could never be a hot dad.


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