What a world!

Are kids even more vulnerable now because we live in such an inhumane world? My heart goes to the victims and their families affected in the horrible Manchester attack.

Eight years in

Eight years into this gig. Still I haven’t screwed these two up too bad yet. They seem to be functioning fine. They say, “you are the best mama in the…Read More

Easter eggs hike

They brought their Easter eggs to hiking, and decided to treat themselves when they hit a checkpoint, achieved some distance or climbed up a steep route. All motivated, adventurous and…Read More

The White Helmets

I still can’t get over my overwhelming emotions over the picture I saw about a Syrian father holding his twin babies killed by chemical attack. Angry. Disheartened. Sad. We donated…Read More

Lesson learned

She was throwing up all night and came down to a fever this morning, still she decided to spend the whole morning at the rink just for her 3-minute ice…Read More