I’m Fanny. Oh Sweet Day! is about my family stories.

I live with my geeky and loving husband Matthew.


We have two children – a smart, self-motivational and sentimental boy Ethan and a joyful, carefree and fearless girl Maya.


Oh Sweet Day! chronicles my journey as a mother since 2008 when Ethan, my first child, was born. I write letters to my kids, share my stories and document the beauty of life with my family. Hopefully one day my kids will look at what I have written about my love for them, and they will be so proud that their mother has given them the best gift!


As I share my experiences as a mother, the love and frustration and madness of it all, I’ve come across other mothers who read what I write and feel less alone. And that says the best about this little corner of the Internet – to reflect my life and connect with other parents who read it and find similarities in their own routine.

By the way, in our house we cook, bake and eat a lot! Everyday! I spend long hours in the kitchen making food, especially desserts. Feel free to hop by here to check out my recipes.


It’s so nice of you dropping by! You are welcome to stay as long as you like. I’d love to hear from you. Follow me (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest) or contact me at fanny@ohsweetday.com.